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$1,000 Grocery Certificate Details

This certificate is redeemable for a Grocery Savers Book, providing your customers with the opportunity to order $1000 worth of brand name coupons of their choice. Includes items such as Cereal, Juices, Cookies, Crackers, Beverages, Frozen Foods, Canned Fruits/Vegetables, Dairy Items, Meat, Bread, Coffee, Soups, Sauces, Rice, Pasta, Condiments, Snack Foods, Diet Items, Baking Items, Spices, Paper & Plastic Goods, Household Items, Pet Items, Baby Products, Laundry Care, Body Care, and many other items. In the Grocery Savers Book there are (100) $10.00 Grocery Coupon Certificates. Each certificate may be redeemed for $10.00 worth of pre-clipped coupons from the grocery index listed in the book. Select from over 1000 National Brand Products. These Manufacturers coupons are the same coupons you see in newspapers & magazines, and they represent cash savings.

To redeem the certificate, the customer simply mails it in with a $12.00 processing, postage and handling fee to receive their Grocery Savings Book. They can also redeem their certificate on our redemption website that is printed on each certificate.

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